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Danbury Information Session

Innovation Nights, new to Connecticut but not to our parent company and neighbors in Boston - are running 8 years and 1,000+ products strong; are now being offered in Connecticut. Our next Info Session will be hosted at Danbury Hackerspace, a hackerspace and coworking facility for entrepreneurs, makers, craftspeople, and artists.

We invite anyone interested in hosting, sponsoring, volunteering, and otherwise supporting a future Connecticut Innovation Night to attend this informative session. 

Meet the organizer of Connecticut Innovation Nights (CIN), learn more about our initiatives, growth model and how you can be involved. 

Innovative corporate area executives particularly those in the Innovation and Marketing fields are encouraged to attend. We are looking for hosts for future live events - maybe your company HQ is just the place. 

Note: The licensee for Connecticut Innovation Nights, Angelina Capalbo also recently created the newest of Connecticut's trails, the Connecticut Startup Trail and is in the process of launching her own startup company.

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Christina Frei Generosity Practice Marketing Link
Tuesday, September 26, 2017 - 5:30pm