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Attending? What You Need to Know.

Need to Know: We are a grassroots events designed to help local startups who have little to no marketing budget but we welcome all companies with new products - large and small. Our goal is to connect local entrepreneurs with a wider audience through social media. While our primary goal is visibility for our product launchers, we want to do everything we can to support the local innovation ecosystem. We move around the area, going where someone will host us at low or no cost - sometimes we have sponsors and hosts who help defray our costs. This is not a "fancy" event (sometimes there is food and drink courtesy of our sponsors) but an event where we maximize our time together for networking, connecting and promoting new local products for the benefit of all involved in the local innovation community.
Innovation Nights are "Stone Soup Events." They are only successful because you make them successful. To keep things rolling along we need your help. Make sure you spread the word about the event itself: Tweet, blog, Facebook, LinkedIn or just tell someone. Then, on the night of the event, look around. See all those nice people with new products? Find one (or more) you like and help them spread the word. Tweet about it, blog about it, upload a picture or video, or just tell someone. With your help, we're supporting innovators and their products.
Schedule of the night:
6-7pm - networking and table top demos
7-7:30pm - hosts, sponsors and experts kick off the night and then 3 minute pitches from our favorite for products (based on the online vote).
7:30-8pm - back to networking and table top demos
8pm - to the (pay your own way) after-party