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Innovation Nights is a unique marketing opportunity for companies targeting the startup, innovation and entrepreneurial communities. The association with “Innovation” is ideal for any company looking to put this stamp on their products. Traffic from our site consists of social media mavens who can help spread the word about your company, investors, and potential partners as well as prospects interested in new products and open to new ways of doing things. One thing they have in common? These are the early adopters.

Your company can sponsor specific events or markets or sponsor the entire project online. We have numerous ways for you to reach your target markets. All sponsorships are supported by expert public relations and extensive social media marketing.

Advertising helps defray the cost of name tags, website hosting and additional development on the site. We offer newsletter ads (our weekly newsletter goes out to several thousand Innovation Nights “friends”), website ads and sponsorship of the live events. Ask about the stellar open and click-thru rates on our newsletter and our intensely loyal community.

If you are interested in holding an Innovation Night event at your location, let us know. We can deliver foot traffic to your location as well as online traffic to your website.

We also have a briefcase full of exciting and innovative projects ready to roll out with the right partner. Wouldn’t you like to be that partner?

Please contact Angelina Capalbo [Angelina (at) innovationnights (dot) com] with questions or if you are interested in a discussion various options.